Flush Valve Primer


The Flush Valve Primer replaces the standard flush valve connection providing a fresh water prime to replenish the floor drain trap seal. Each time the flush valve operates, approximately 3 ozs. of water flows through the priming tube to the floor drain trap. The flush valve primer is designed to prime one floor drain trap at a distance not to exceed twenty (20) feet from point of installation. The flush valve primer comes with a vacuum breaker ports. Manufacturer recommends that the make-up water line to the P-trap must have a continuous slope. (Consult Local Code Requirements).

  • 5/8" Compression Fittings



Part No. FVP-1VB (w/vacuum breaker)

NOTE: A & B dimensions will vary depending upon flush
valve head used.

NOTE: Flush Valve Primer is intended for use with water
closets consuming 3.5 to 1.0 gal/flush.

NOTE: Priming Tube may be cut off to adjust for the
rough-in of a fresh water make-up line to floor drain trap.

Average discharge per flush at 50 PSI is 3.86 oz.

Flush Valve Diagram
Flush Valve Diagram
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