Prime-Pro™ Trap Primer Valve


PRIME-PRO™ Discharge Info:

Minimum discharge rate when flow is activated for 5 seconds at 20 PSI is 0.845 oz.

Minimum discharge rate when flow is activated for 5 seconds at 80 PSI is 1.65 oz.


US PATENT # 8,671,970



The Prime-Pro™ is activated when sensing potable water flowing at an adjacent plumbing fixture. This trap priming device must be installed on the cold water line leading to the plumbing fixture; the valve then emits fresh cold potable water to a floor drain trap as long as the fixture is in use, providing an adequate trap seal.

The Prime-Pro™ trap primer is equipped with vacuum breaker ports and internal back-flow protection to prevent cross connection. The valve is factory pre-set and 100% function tested prior to being labeled and boxed.

The Prime-Pro™ trap priming valve is designed for 1 to 4 floor drain trap seal applications. The valve is activated at a minimum flow rate of 0.5 GPM at 20 PSIG.

This product has been third party tested and meets the requirements of ASSE Standard 1018.

  • No Adjustment Required
  • Automatically Maintains a Constant Water Seal in Floor Drain Traps.


Body and Cap: C68020 Lead-Free Brass
Inlet: 1/2" NPT Female
Outlet: 1/2" NPT Female
Check Valve: Neoperl
O-Rings: Nitrile
Screen: Stainless Steel

NOTE: Consult Plumbing Inspector Prior to Installing Distribution Units

1.) Flush supply line prior to installation.

2.) Use ribbon pipe seal tape - ONLY. Install valve plumb, observing the flow direction marked on the valve. Do not over tighten.

3.) The valve is recommended to be installed a minumum of 12” (305mm) above the finished floor, before a 90° elbow can be installed.

4.) Do not install the valve where line pressures exceed 80 PSIG. This valve should never be installed on a hot water line. Install on a cold fresh water line ONLY.

5.) Effective operating range 20 to 80 PSIG (138 to 552kpa).

6.) Failure to follow these instructions will make the product warranty null and void.

7.) The valve must not be installed on a bypass.

8.) Manufacturer recommends that the make-up water line to the P-trap must have a continuous slope. (Consult local code requirements.)

Furthest recommended distance of makeup line is 20’ of horizontal line to the floor drain.

PART NUMBER Inlet Outlet
PRO1-500 1/2" NPT Female 1/2" NPT Female
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