Prime-Rite Stainless Steel Trap Primer Valve


The PR-500SS Prime Rite stainless steel automatic pressure drop activated trap primer valve will prime up to 2 floors drains with our patented distribution DU-U or DU-4 units.

System operating range is 20 psi minimum to 80 psi (138 to 552 kpa) maximum.

The valve requires a 10 psi (70 kpa) pressure drop across the valve to activate and will deliver a metered amount of water to the floor drain. Trap primer is to be connected to a cold water supply only.

Constructed of 316 stainless steel, EPDM E70 O-rings, Dow #7 Silicone, #60 stainless steel mesh screen, stainless steel piston.

  • No Adjustment Required
  • Automatically Maintains a Constant Water Seal in Floor Drain Traps.
  • Machined from 316 Stainless Steel
  • This Priming Valve Contains: No Springs or Diaphgrams.



NOTE: Consult Plumbing Inspector Prior to Installing Distribution Units

This valve is designed to be installed on ½” to 1 ½” cold water line, feeding a flush valve or other open and closing valve supply line that is frequently used.

Trap Primer valve makeup line to floor drain is recommended to be a minimum of 12” off the finished floor before a 90° elbow can be installed.

The furthest recommended distance of makeup line is 20’ to the floor drain.

Trap primer make up line must have continuous slope to the floor drain (consult local code requirements).

Install with a shut off valve for servicing on the inlet side and a union connection on the outlet side.

The valve must be installed level.

If using the distribution unit the clear plastic cover must be used.

Do not subject the valve to rough in pressure test.

recommended installation drawings
Recommended Installation Drawings
PART NUMBER Inlet Outlet
PR-500SS 1/2" NPT Male 1/2" NPT Female
Prime-Rite PR-500
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