Under-Lav Trap Primer Valve

Under-Lav Trap Primer Valve

Under-Lav Trap Primer Discharge Info:

Minimum discharge rate when flow is activated for 5 seconds at 20 PSI is 0.845 oz.

Minimum discharge rate when flow is activated for 5 seconds at 80 PSI is 1.65 oz.

US PATENT # 8,671,970



The Under-Lav Trap Primer Valve is designed
for multiple floor drain trap seal applications. The
Under-Lav Trap Primer Valve is a flow activated floor drain trap seal priming valve.

  • No Adjustment Required
  • Equipped with Vacuum Breaker Ports and Internal Back - Flow Protection
  • Automatically Maintains a Constant Water Seal in Floor Drain Traps.

Bill of materials:

Body and Cap: Chrome Plated
Check Valve: Neoperl
O-Rings: Nitrile
Screen: Stainless Steel

Chrome Plated items:

Angle stop w/ 5/8” comp. fitting
3/8” comp. Lav supply fitting
1/2” NPTx 5/8” comp.
1/2” I.D. copper tube



1. Flush supply line prior to installation.

2. Use ribbon pipe seal tape - ONLY. Install valve plumb, observing the flow direction marked on the valve. Do not over tighten.

3. The valve must be installed a minumum of 12” (305mm) above the finished floor.

4. Do not install the valve where line pressures exceed 80 PSIG. This valve should never be installed on a hot water line. Install on a cold fresh water line ONLY.

5. Effective operating range 20 to 80 PSIG (138 to 552kpa).

6. The Valve must not be installed on a bypass.

7. Failure to follow these instructions will make the product warranty null and void.

8. Manufacturer recommends that the P-trap make-up water line must have a continuous slope. (Consult local code requirements).

PRO1-ULP500 Installation Diagrams

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