Tempera™ Pressure Balancing Valve (1/2" FPT)

Tempera™ Valve Pressure Balancing Valve (1/2" FPT)

Tempera Valves should be provided with some type of access for servicing if necessary. Avoid high temperatures in direct contact with the valve body.

The internal parts of theTempera Valve are stainless steel with only one moving part. The pressure differential sensing piston is constantly responding to any system pressure changes.

May be installed at any convenient, accessible point on the supply lines... in any position or angle.


The Tempera Valve is a highly sensitive pressure balancing valve that holds a selected water temperature to within +/-3°F. It responds instantly to all line pressure loss on either the hot or cold side.

Tempera Valves may be installed in any position or at any angle. TheTRB-2 must be installed ahead of the control valve(s). The flow pattern is indicated by arrows imprinted in the valve body.


  • Automatic pressure compensating, preventing thermal shock
  • Can be used with single or two handle mixing valve assemblies
  • Holds a selected water temperature to within +- 3º F regardless of pressure change
  • Fully ported valve with minimal pressure drop
  • Safe because it is a pressure balancing valve, not a thermostatic mixing valve
  • Meets ASSE STANDARD 1066 individual in-line pressure balancing valves
Operation: Fully automatic - no manual controls, regulating or adjustments are needed. With only one moving part, the Tempera Valve is designed to equalize the hot and cold supply line pressures.
Maintenance: A minimum is required, other than occasional
flushing of foreign deposits. The Tempera Valve's only moving part is the balancing piston.
Construction Details
External: Red-Bronze cast body containing over 85% ingot copper. ASTM #B584 Alloy #C84400.

Install the pressure balancing valve before the fixture and control valve.

The valve may be installed on 1/2" water supply line at any angle or position.
It is not necessary that the Tempera Valve be mounted level.

Specify the Tempera Valve for use in homes, schools, gymnasiums, hotels, photographic darkrooms, barber shops... wherever a close control over water temperature is required.

We require only Teflon tape be used for the female NPT pressure connection.

Pipe dope and liquid thread sealants will affect the balancing valves operation.

The Tempera Valve has been cold water supply failure tested and reduced flow to 0.5 gpm in one (1) second.

NOTE: Failure to follow these instruction will void any product warranty.

NOTE: Water Hammer Arrestors are recommended as indicated on the drawing to protect against water hammer.

Tempera™ Valve Pressure Balancing Valve (1/2" FPT)
Tempera™ Valve Pressure Balancing Valve (1/2" FPT)
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