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Tempera™ Pressure Balancing Valve (1/2" FPT)

The Tempera Valve is a highly sensitive pressure balancing valve that holds a selected water temperature to within +/-3°F. It responds instantly to all line pressure loss on either the hot or cold side.

Tempera Valves may be installed in any position or at any angle. TheTRB-2 must be installed ahead of the control valve(s). The flow pattern is indicated by arrows imprinted in the valve body.


  • Automatic pressure compensating, preventing thermal shock
  • Can be used with single or two handle mixing valve assemblies
  • Holds a selected water temperature to within +- 3º F regardless of pressure change
  • Fully ported valve with minimal pressure drop
  • Safe because it is a pressure balancing valve, not a thermostatic mixing valve
  • Meets ASSE STANDARD 1066 individual in-line pressure balancing valves

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